Tap, Tap, Tapping my toes….

I placed my seed order a few weeks ago under stress because I was placing the order later than I had wanted to. I knew better and couldn’t pull it off on time.

My Baker Seed order came in and a couple of packets I ordered they are out of.  😦 So in my surprise they did refund my money in this cute little coin envelope in cash. Yup good old cash, my kind of company. No silly store credits or waiting for a credit to my pay pal account.

The other company and i’m not going to say anything bad about them, I know they have schedules too…. hasn’t sent anything yet and I am tapping my toes waiting. It’s time for me to start some of those seeds and they aren’t here yet….I know nothing can go into the garden around here before Memorial Day but I need to get going. Part of this order is just for the Java chickens that will be arriving about the same time.

Yes, I know they won’t be eating anything from the garden for a few weeks they will be but just chicks but the garden also needs time to grow.

I’ll think about all this again the first of the week for today it’s 8:30 in the morning and it’s already 40 outside, there is mud in the driveway and I’m going to take the horses out for a ride…This is kind of freaky it’s been so cold minus 7 yesterday morning and wow look at today. No inside work for me i’m going out side to play.

Have a great day and enjoy your simple life, I will.




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  1. what do you need

    I could try to send you some and it would probably get there in time….

    so email; me your addy?

  2. lizzylanefarm

    You are such a sweetie! Will seeds make it through customs OK. Rhonda Jean mentioned something about it in her seed swap post. Hope you are enjoying all that spring green! Yesterday was another lovely day here and this morning it’s snowing again…:)

    Spring Hugs Karyn

  3. Ah, thats a good point…I don’t think it IS allowed 😦

    ho hum, sorry 😦

  4. I sent in my seed order late too. I’ve not heard back from Fedco and am a little worried…

  5. My order from fedco took longer than I expected. It took several weeks and I thought my online order had not gone through. However it showed up, finally. Accompanying the seeds was a letter by CR Lawn, explaining that they have hired six more people to pull orders but that the sales are even greater than last year ( and last year was a big year for them)

  6. lizzylanefarm

    Hi Karin,
    MMMM..this is what I am thinking a busy time of year for them and even a bigger year in general for orders. If I have to there are some organic seed at the feed store, not heirloom like I wanted but will do in a pinch. I checked with my friends and their orders haven’t come in yet either and they ordered 2 weeks before I did, so now I’m really worried.

    Happy gardening 🙂

  7. lizzylanefarm

    Hello Michelle,

    I saw some organic seeds at the Agway and Parkhurst in Bristol. Not heirloom, but at least organic. I might have to settle on these this year. I ordred from Pine Tree Gardens. My order from Baker Seed ordered the same day has come in, I didn’t get every thing I wanted but most of it. I’ll post about it in a few days. Sorry to hear I missed your seed swap. I must have been sleeping that day of the post or something. 🙂

    Hope your new job is going well.

  8. lizzylanefarm

    I checked Rhonda site and that’s what she said, no international mailing of seeds. Now lets talk horse brass… Kidding, I have been ordering some wonderful pieces lately from England. I just LOVE to see all the post marks on those packages….so well traveled.

    While I’m waiting for seeds I can make my newspaper pots. I did see some organic seed at the feed store, not heirloom like I wanted but at least organic and not Burpee seed.

    Thanks for the offer.

  9. Karyn, email me your addy anyway as I DO have a little gift for you , and its NOT prohibited seeds etc!

    Something I thought you might like……

    S xx

  10. lizzylanefarm


    I tried your e-mail the other day, guess my message didn’t go through. Mine is Karenbennett AT metrocast DOT net Karen is correct but not the correct spelling of my name, blame that on the internet provider guy who didn’t listen to me and now such a pain to change…:)


  11. Have emailed you, if you send me your snail mail addy I will send you a present of (not seeds) a little something…..


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