Nanette this ones for you…

Any thing in here?

Any thing in here?

My swap buddy for the kitchen towel/pot holder swap over at Down To Earth is Nanette. This is a very exciting project for me. One of my favorite things are kitchen towels and pot holders, why I have no idea but I have lots of them and love them all. I am always swapping them around and giving them to friends and family.

My niece always laughs at me because for every holiday I always give her more kitchen towels, she likes them but teases me about it. It has gone on for years, since she got her first apartment, and probably will for a long time.

I found this pattern the other day for some very simple pot holders and am going to give them a try. Sorry, Nanette yours aren’t going to be like these, much better. But here is a hint, parts of yours may be in my sewing basket…It’s over flowing with many projects at the moment but when the creativity hits me this is what happens. Projects all over the place all being worked on.

Hope your having a great day Nanette! 🙂



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  1. Oh, this is fun, Karyn. But you’re naughty to tease me like this….I love the look of your wip basket, those fabrics are pretty.

    I hadn’t seen that dishtowel/potholder tut before, what a good idea.

    I haven’t started yours yet either, I’m trying to finish a gift for a friens, a bolster pillow. It has applique on it, but I’ve made a bit of a mess of it…broke my arm a while back, and still having trouble because of nerve damage in my hand, so guiding the fabric to sew around curves is hard. I think I’ll have to start again!

    But don’t worry, I can manage straight lines ok…….have your fabric picked out for the pot holders (hot pads)……….here’s a little hint…..not ‘fabric’ in the sense of something I bought at the quilt shop, but something upcycled. I think….I hope….it will appeal to you.

    But still thinking about the tea towels….glad it’s a long swap.

    Lovely autumn day here, cool morning, a breeze, which is good, because the day’s going to get hot, and I have all day home to do whatever I like…..a bit of time on the bolster, then finish a teddy I’m making. Yes, a satisfying day 🙂

    Enjoy yours too, Karyn 🙂

  2. I need to make both of these. But I’d rather use fabric. The towels and dish cloths I’ve bought in recent years just fall apart.

    So my question: what sort of fabric do you recommend for durability for these sorts of projects?

  3. lizzylanefarm

    Hi Kristin,
    If I am going to embroider on a dish towel I love natural linen. Linen is the best in my opinion to dry dishes, no lint and the fabric only gets better the more you use it. I have a very hard time finding these local lately and the last ones I bought were on line at . I like the quality and think once washed and used will be perfect.

    For hand wiping and general use in the kitchen I always choose a cotton towel. The old flour sack material works well, as well as the cotton waffle weave shown at the same web site. These I do find local. I also check the yard sales, church sales and thrift stores for them.

    One note from the days when I used store bought fabric softner and dryer sheets, wash the towels seperate and don’t use the fabric softner or dryer sheets. For some reason the softner leaves some sort of coating on them and they actually repel water, Bath towels too. Now I make my own laundry soap and add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle. I use 2 of those fabric softner balls but add the vinegar instead of fabric softner. In the dryer I made muslin bags and filled them with lavender buds. Mine aren’t fancy and I simply fold the top of the bag down a few times and use a safety pin to hold it shut. The lavender buds can be used several times before they loose all of their scent. When scentless (is that a word?) I put them into the compost.

    Pot holders I have never made! well except when I was a kid using the plastic square loom thing with the loop stretchy material you put of the pegs and weave with the bent piece of wire. Do you remember those? The holders never worked very well but boy didn’t my mother, grandmother make a big deal out of them when I would make some for them.

    My pot holders I am going to use a muzlin material, batting that is called Insul-Bright it is supposed to be heat resistant, I found some at the local Joanne Fabric store. A layer of cotton and the backing of cotton. Not sure how well it will work, Nanette take note of this. 🙂 Of course before I make Nanette’s I am going to put together a sample pot holder to make sure she won’t burn her hand.

    I checked with an older sewing neighbor who always makes pot holder for the church sales, she simply uses several layers of cotton material. That was her instructions, so take it for what it’s worth. I would say that would be much like the link above for the folded cotton pot holders.

    Hope this helps.
    Have a great day

  4. lizzylanefarm

    Hello Nanette,

    I simply love to upcycle fabrics and do it all the time. My favorite places to find it is thrift stores and the local Goodwill. Last week I bought the thickest wool coat I have ever seen for $5! This fabric is just lovely, not sure what I will do with it yet but I have started taking the coat apart. I was thinking if the batting I bought would reflect heat it might also reflect cold, so I’m seeing a new lunch bag with felt flowers for my granddaughter to carry to preschool.

    I like my basket too, it’s a Longaberge and I know I paid way to much $$ for it. It has a lovely fabric liner so things don’t catch on the inside. The Weaving on the sides seems to be shrinking and is now loose a bit. Maybe Mitchell will have a suggestion to fix this.

    Wish I could bottle up some of this cold for you, minus 7f last night, so when you took the cork off the bottle it would lnstanly cool your house down for you!

    Have a lovely day sewing and enjoy your alone time.


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