Signs Of Spring?

daisyI have been looking very hard this year for signs, any signs of spring will do. For some reason winter feels like it has lasted forever and it won’t really start to warm up here until the end of March first of April. A high of 20f today.

I mentioned a few days ago that the horses were starting to shed their winter coat. I always love it when they shead their tired, rumply, dull coats they have worn for several months in for the new shiny, short summer coat. They both continue, not a whole lot but a few brushes full each day.

Over the weekend I noticed the farm down the road has set up their sap lines and by the looks of the barrels the sap has been running pretty good the past few days. Most any one who has a sugar house has long retired the old metal buckets, lids and taps. They run plastic tubing to the trees and collect the sap in big barrels then pump the sap from the barrels to the sap house. When done for the season they flush the lines with water and a bit of bleach, remove the taps from the tree, put away the barrels but leave the tubing up.

I’m not a sports fan but read spring training has started in Florida and that’s always a sign of spring to come

and last but not least its time to set the clocks ahead this weekend. So it’s on the way I just have to have patience a bit longer.

March in like a lion and out like a lamb and April showers bring May flowers is so true around here.

Anyone seeing signs of spring?


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  1. The signs of spring I see are the longer hours of light, birds chirping in the yard and flying overhead, more tracks in the snow than previous weeks. I just wish the temps would warm up to 50.

  2. Isn’t it exciting after all this cold we have had. Seems like it’s still colder than it should be at this time of year. Atleast we don’t have the insaine amounts of snow that we had last year.

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