My Gawshhh, Mummy!

hi mumma

hi mumma

That’s what Daisy had to say this afternoon when I pulled out all the piles of stashed material I have here and there. My goal this week is to refold it all and store it in vintage suite cases I have. While most of it is already there, some always end up here and there when I come back from the fabric store and hit the rearmament bin. I always say to myself I’ll put this away later. Well for me later doesn’t come all that often or should I say often enough.

I have a special project to work on and for some reason I am very much looking forward to working on it. It’s the kitchen towel and pot holder swap over on Rhonda Jean’s blog Down- to- Earth. There are quite a few signed up for the swap so it will be so much fun to hear about and see all the sewing and hand work once every one has received their swaps.

Hand made items always mean so much more to me, to know someone took the time to carefully put a part of themselves into their work… The quality and workmanship no matter the level of skill ALWAYS out shines anything machine made can produce…

Stay tuned Nanette you might see a hint…:)

Have a great day everyone



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