Snow again

Well we received about 15″ of heavy wet snow over night. I spent the day shoveling and cleaning up. Boy is it heavy… The sun came out today and it warmed up a bit but the wind blew. I kept the horses in the barn out of the wind.

All this shoveling reminded me I need a new shovel and I added that to my to do list. The stores very soon will be cleaning out and putting on clearance their winter season supplies and this will be a great time to replace the worn out one I fought with today. (I think the shovel won) 🙂

I had a chance to spent the afternoon with my oldest son and got caught up on every thing going on in our lives. He is renting a room these past few months and doing quite well.

Tacos tonight for dinner. I would like to give making my own soft shells a try. I’ll look for a recipe in a few days. Does any one have one they would like to share?

Hope every one had a great day.




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  1. I use one cup ww flour, a half a cup of water and a little salt. I triple it if I am making rice and beans and know I will have left overs. I put a little oil in a cast iron skillet. roll them out and brown a little on each side.

  2. Like Karin, I’ve done plenty of whole wheat tortillas. Flour, salt, lard (cut in like you would pastry) and hot water. Knead till smooth and let set (so water & flour “get to know each other”). I used to roll them. I bought a tortilla press last summer (an electric one) and it makes life much simpler.

    I’ve had less luck with corn tortillas. See if you can get a package of mesa flour (corn flour soaked with lime water) from the store. They’re just the corn, salt, and water. I’ve been experimenting. I press with a cast iron pan but will try the tortilla press (sans the electric) some time. And one day, I’ll make my own mesa with whole corn and wood ash. Not until summer though!

    They are so much better fresh. Good luck!

  3. Kristin and Karin
    Thank you so much for the recipes. I will try them both out. How well do they freeze? Have you tried freezing them?

    🙂 Karyn

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