All About me

A few of my favorite things...

A few of my favorite things...

Many of my favorite blogs have lists of things about then and I thought I would like to do to same. These are one of my favorite posts to read. 🙂  They give me insight as to the motives, changes and life experiences that brought these kind, caring people to where they are at this point in their lives. Very interesting.

This week I’m going to start with a few things everyone should know about me and continue to add more in the future. I don’t know if I will ever reach 100, well see how it goes.

1. Since I was a small child I never wanted to be anything else other than a Mother and a Wife. I have always wanted a home full of children and animals. I am the Mother to two wonderful boys. M~ also known as son #1, who is 23 years old. He is the father of my Granddaughter, Daisy. M~ was in an auto accident several years ago and now has an acquired brain injury. He has relearned many skills and on occasion is able to live on his own, he still depends very much on his network of supports we have build for him to be independent.

Son # 2 B~ is just 18 years old and recently graduated High School and is working a full time job. He spends his time hanging out with friends and their favorite hobby these days is running their RC cars. He has plans to go to college in the future when he decides what he would like to take for classes. He doesn’t want to spend money taking classes he won’t need or use.

My dear Husband D~ is semi-retired from a life long job as an owner/operator truck driver, with over 4 million miles driven.  He also spent 20+ years running his own construction company. He still works part time to get out of the house and spends the rest of his time home with me.

My job title these days as far as my State Certifications is concerned says home provider. (This title suits me very well) I care for an older Gentleman who is both mentally and physically challenged. Due to privacy laws I’m not able to tell you anything about him. But I can tell you while he is constant care and a challenge, he is a joy to have here and brings many positive things into our lives on a daily basis. I only wish his own family knew and appreciated it.

2. We live here on Lizzy Lane Farm. Our farm is named after the woman who originally lived here and ran a farm on this same piece of land back in the early 1700’s. While the original buildings are long gone we do find pieces of the past in the rock foundations, and treasures in the dirt. We have 3 acres of the once much larger farm. Our home here was finished in 2002 and before that we spent 2 years living in a mobile home here on the property. We built the home with comfort, energy efficiency, and adaptability for future changes such as the family/farm growing or downsizing. Nothing elaborate needed just comfortable.

3. My goal is to keep our life as simple, happy and self sufficient as possible. We have several animals here. Our two registered Haflinger horses, Sage & Joby. Our farm dog, Dalton who is a registered Beagle. Several barn kitties who work hard keeping the mice away and keeping the horses company in the barn. Our house kitty is Avery, he is a rescue kitty and very spoiled. He doesn’t ever go to the barn or visit with the barn kitty gang. I hope to add a goat or two as well as chickens to the cast of characters. I also would like to raise for food a pig, turkeys and chickens. We have to start small and this may take several years to accomplish. A happy note, the chickens are coming this spring. I have decided to raise Black Java chickens. I want them to provide us with fresh eggs and meat when needed. They are a heritage breed well suited for homestead life you can read about them here.

4. Both of my parents have passed on and I have two younger sisters. One lives close by and the other in California. I have a step-Mum who was married to my father who lives in Georgia. We are all very close despite the miles between us. We all talk almost daily with each other.

5. My Granddaughter Daisy lives here with us, and she is the joy of my life. While a challenge sometimes with behavior and activeness (both side effects of being born addicted to drugs). it’s to be expected considering her abused and neglected life living with her Mother her first year of life. Daisy’s life and ours changed when her mother called out of the blue one day and gave her to M~  at a year old and walked away. She is in a Montessori School and doing very well. I do home school her as well, just as I did my own boys until they wanted to try public school for their high school years. Some day I’ll give you some insight on my thoughts of public school, it might not be pretty.

6. My favorite colors are earth toned and some of my favorite foods are chocolate (although I can’t eat it often as it gives me migraine headaches), coffee, macaroni and cheese (baked with sharp cheese), pizza, cantaloupe, grapes, bananas. I’m not that fond of any meats but will eat it once in awhile. I hardly ever drink soda and organic, local foods are always my first choice.

7. My zodiac sign is Cancer and true to nature, I can and have always spent most of my time at home. I can go weeks and have no desire to leave. I always love it when visitors come for a visit. While I have friends they are a small circle of close and long time friends. Most hold the same values and beliefs as I do but some like every one are unique in the road they follow. I do have a larger group of friends I chat with and am friendly with through volunteer work in our community, see at the grocery store, my neighbors, business owners, the horse club and such. It’s a small community and these people know as much about me as I know about them, friendly but not friends beyond the social level. This doesn’t mean if they didn’t need my help I wouldn’t help them, I would and I do care about them. I am always happy to see them.

8. I still live in the area I was born and raised in, Central New Hampshire. While I love it here it is becoming a bit crowded and busy for my liking. It given the choice to move my entire family, I would move to a more rural location, a smaller community. Since my entire family would never all agree to come with me I will stay right here. And like they say grow where I am planted…

9. I love to bake, preserve food from the garden and animals. I have learned to appreciate cooking everyday meals because I love to spend meal times with my family and watch them enjoy each other and the meal. Cooking meals is not a favorite activity for me. I like setting the table with cloth tablecloths and carefully folded napkins. I like simple comfort food type of meals, and don’t really enjoy eating out at restaurants. I do love eating meals at friend’s houses. Although I do like the part that someone else has cooked the meal I always find something I would have liked better and end up secretly wishing I had cooked it, set the table or served my family myself. Meal time with you family is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family.

10. I like my home warm, comfortable, functional and casual while taking into consideration everyone’s likes and needs. Clutter and disorganization drives me nuts. I choose natural materials and the less processed and more hand made the better. The two rules of the house are honesty and respect for your-self and others. Other than that we do what ever makes us happy.

And one for good measure…I HATE PLASTIC ANYTHING. While I can’t keep it out of my life completely as I sit here typing on the lap top made from plastic I do my best to keep it away from me, my home and family. I just don’t like the destructive process of producing it or trying to handle the over abundance and burden of disposing of it it creates. I don’t trust it as being safe, I don’t like the feel of it when I touch it even if it is a cute doll or teddy bear. It’s just not a natural material.

Have a great day everyone and I hope this gives you some insight as to who I am and how I live this wonderful simple life of mine….


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  1. Thank you for this! It is really nice to get to know the person on the other side of my computer screen!

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