Signs of Spring

Around here spring is still MANY weeks off, but last night while putting the horses away I brushed them down and noticed they are starting to shed some of their winter hair.

….Not alot, but some….

This will be a slow process and not peaking until the first of April but it has started.

I know, I know, small things make me happy in my simple life….

Any one else seeing any signs of spring yet?


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  1. I don’t want signs of spring just yet! But I see daffodils budding, the maple in the pasture flowering, and even the poplar trees leafing out! We’ve had a warm spell.

    Problem is, 2 years ago, it was very warm and lovely in March. Everything came out of winter slumber. Then we had 4 days of HARD freezes and it killed EVERYTHING! No fruits, no acorns, and all the leaves on the trees died. It looked so depressing. Of course, this was all followed by a 100 year drought.

    I can wait for spring for another 6 weeks! And keep that rain coming!!

  2. Hi Kristin,
    Oh, you are much further along in spring than I am. Our daffodils & trees won’t even beging to think about budding until May.

    I will keep thinking rain for you.

  3. Yesterday while I was on my way to Gilford I noticed bare ground. In a bunch of places!

    These last couple days have really awoken my desire for spring. And to think we’re getting another 6 inches of snow tonight. Ug.

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