Java Chickens- Have been ordered

I’m excited and thought I would share with you. I ordered my Black Java chicks today. I asked for them to be shipped as day olds, in late April or early May. I thought about hatching eggs but haven’t done that since I was in my teens back in 4-H. This special order of Javas isn’t the time to relearn that skill. 🙂

I ordered the Javas from Superior Farms.

Another good thing that happened today….my Baker Seed Hairloom Seed catalog arrived today. Seems so far off to be planting a garden when the temp here today hit 4 above zero for a high.

I’ll post more about the Black Java chicks when I know more.


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  1. I’d been interested in Black Javas a couple of years ago. Also the mottled variety. Couldn’t find any available at the time so I went with New Hampshire Reds. I’m looking forward to hearing how the Black Javas do for you!

    And if you think it is too early to begin planting your garden, google “Winter Sowing” or check out my recent post on it. It sounds promising!!!

  2. Hi Kristen,

    I LOVE NH Reds. These are the ones I raised several years ago, they are so easy going and sweet—tasty too…. I chose them because the breed comes from right here in my home state of NH. I figured at the time they ought to be tough enough and they sure were, my first ones were 8 years old when I gave them to a friend who had them another couple of years after that before heading to her freezer.

    I have read about the winter sowing and often thought of giving it a try but am afraid of the commitment in actually planting them when they say they are ready… I will check out your post, it will be fun to watch and see how you do with it.


  3. You know, part of the reason I ended up with NH Reds is because there’s a local breeder in the area. I’ve not bought from him yet but a friend has some of his birds. Let me tell you, compared to the hatchery birds I’ve mail ordered, these NHs are HUGE! You know, like REAL dual purpose birds. So I figured I’d stick with them for a while and see if I can eliminate those Cornish X chickens for meat birds. I don’t like being dependent on someone else for my meat birds. KWIM?

    When you get your Javas bred to perfection though…..

    And I have the same problem with getting things planted out regardless of how I start them.

  4. Hi Kristin,
    You are so right. I think the more local any thing is the better it is! The NH’s I had were huge too and did make fine freezer/baking birds, but I bet you already know this. Like you mentioned in your post the key to hardy birds, the kind who do well without extra heat and lights are the older heritage birds and feeding them well. I have found chickens like any thing else is you get out of them what you put into them.

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