A Few of my Favorite Things

favoriteMany of my favorite blogs each week share the information they found particularly interesting and noteworthy. I really like this idea and am going to give it a try. I don’t know if I will post each week or not. Some times keeping up with this blog gets moved further down my to-do-list and several days go by before I have time to update it.

For my life to run smoothly I have to balance all things and not let one part of it become more important than another and this blog is no different.

With that said here goes my first list of a few of my favorite things and to help me is my baby boy Joby, he is one of my favorite and best friends! Here is is sporting his orange halter he wears during hunting season, and for Halloween. My horses have about 10 halters each, and wear a new clean one each day. All are the break-away style for their safety. Why you may ask?…Well I hate dirty muddy hatlers, they are stiff and rub the hair off their noses, and I like to see them each day with something different. You wouldn’t wear the same shirt day after day would you?

Since Joby was volunteered to help, this week’s subject is… you guessed it horses!
These horses over at Princess Nimble-Thimble are just beautiful! If I could figure out if they are ever offered for sale I sure would have to have one of them….

This is the pattern I came across to make my own felt horses here at Echos of a Dream.  Thanks Simmy for sharing this with us!  The photos are all just lovely, and I have spent several hours looking around the blog.

I went to our local craft shops and discovered none of them carry wool felt. It’s all recycled plastic. While this may not be a bad thing, those in the know, like Laurie over at Old School Acres says the wool is better for toys. She has a great list of links on where to purchase wool on the Internet. I will be looking at them all to order the felt for my horses. While you are there take a look at her horses, they are beautiful! That indoor riding ring turns me green around the edges.

I keep telling myself I don’t need a new harness, and it’s a good thing my budget for tack for the year has been spent. But guess what in a couple of weeks it will be a new year with money for one of these. Joby is headed to the farm competition with us for the first time this coming summer. It’s fairy safe for me to say that by then one of these harnesses from Ron’s Horse Harness will be in our barn. I have a leather harness and have been looking for a nylon harness. They are light weight, easy to clean, look to be well made and I like the brown color. While not made in the US, Canada is a good neighbor.

Last but not least is a cute mini I ran across here at Thimbelina, the worlds smallest horse. This was fun to read.

Have fun looking at these, and please add your own if you would like too…



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