Winter is Here!

winter-stormI have been under the weather and not feeling good since Thanksgiving. I’ve Had a cold it’s gotten better and this week it’s gotten worse again. I’m taking it easy so I haven’t been posting much lately I have been working on my homemade gifts for Christmas and caring for the family but not much else.

This has given me time to sit and think about all the gifts of my life. Here is the short version:

The smell of shortbread baking in the oven & everyone asking when it will be done. I found this to die for recipe here at Wee Folk Art.  I have made 3 pans of it now and they don’t last the day.

I have been digging out and sorting through the boxes and boxes of ornaments for the Christmas tree. Remembering where each one came from and a special time it represents. Then packing a special box for my oldest son to put on his tree. (Secretly I for the past couple of years I have had no interest in getting any of them out. But instead like to make new ones.)

Living through a day and a half with no power because of the latest ice storm. We had no major problems and I see it as a practice run on how well I have prepaired my family for such an emergency. I’m quite proude of myself. We are fortunate our’s is back on and there are still 40,000 in the state with out power and most are not coping well at all. At the peak of the outage there were over 100,000 with out power.They are having a real hard time even feeding their families. People are breaking into empty houses and stealing generators in the night.

 One thing that must change is how our generator delivers power to the house. The house was wired for a generator when it was built to just throw a switch in the cellar and turn the generator on. The electrician has never quite finished it. We still need a cord or some sort. So this time just like last year we wheeled the small generator outside and ran extension cords to the heaters and a few lights. This must be completed. If it was I would also have running water and save my husband trip after trip to the spring for water. 4 adults and a child (2 of them in diapers), 2 horses makes for ALOT of water in 1 day. More than I had planned on. We do have a hand dug well up by the barn, perhaps I should look into powering a pump from that to supply water to the barn.

I am thankful for my oldest son who has chosen to try and live by himself again. He has had his own apartment for two months now and is doing quite well. He calls and stops in everyday for advise but it is going much better than last time he tried it. For those of you who don’t know he has an acquired brain injury from an auto accident 4 years ago on Mother’s Day. I am so proud of this major step he has taken to be more independent!

Time for me to start planning our holiday meal which is proving hard since I don’t feel much like eating anything lately and nothing sounds good to me. It’s also time to help fill the Christmas baskets down at the Masonic Hall, something my husband and I do each year. Again I don’t feel well and not much energy for that. I usually make small gifts for the baskets, but not this year. I might have to send him alone…

I was gearing up for the news of some sort of Santa swap at my Granddaughter’s preschool. To my surprise and delight they are not going to exchange gifts and never do. I’m impressed that they aren’t teaching the children to swap meaningless gifts. To our family we give gifts because we want to, not because it’s expected of us. This has always been an issue for myself and children when I wouldn’t let them participate in that activity while they were in school. I’ve had my share of heated conversations with the school over the years on this subject and always stuck to my belief even it it meant keeping the boys home from school that day or picking them up from school just before their party.

I’ve been reading my favorite blogs and can see everyone is having a good holiday season and enjoying it in their own ways. I’m happy to hear it and love reading about it. Keep up the great work….



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