Homemade toys in Danger?

I was looking around trying to find patterns to make some homemade toys for my granddaughter and ran across this. I haven’t had the time to read everything about it. But thought you might like to find out for yourself.


and this one


Has anyone else read anything about this?


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  1. It is as if the U.S. Government it trying to put small, innovative entrepreneurs out of business! They do the same thing with small family farmers.

    Even if this passes, I’m certain there are ways around it. Just like there are ways to sell chicken processed at your farm (ala Joel Salatin) and raw milk as “pet milk” in most areas.

    Still, when the U.S. is going down the tubes, why make it even harder to make and sell products in the U.S.! Sheesh!

  2. I second what Kristin said above. It actually has really got my blood boiling. As a new WAHM this has the potential to stop me in my tracks. I am encouraging everyone I know to fight this. Be sure to check out Change.org as they have an online voting platform in place.

    Thanks for posting about this as the more people that become of aware of what the act could bring the better. Just a few days ago I posted a link in my sidebar to the Coolmompicks site to help people become more aware.

  3. Hi Cynthia,

    I had to look up WAHM….a blonde moment for me…;). I will stop by your blog and the change.org. Apart from writing my congressmen and keeping an eye on the situation I will continue to mention this to everyone I know.

    This wouldn’t be a problem if imported goods weren’t bought by the american public to start with. I’ll get off my soap box now….

    Have a great day!

  4. Hi Kristen,

    I hear you about the small business and farmers! AND about buying US products. They are becoming few and far between but are so worth holding out for and even spending the extra money to purchase them.

    have a great day and thanks for stoping in.


  5. Thanks for bringing this to your reader’s attention.

    I have to say that I love your blog! Nice to meet a fellow farm family. Are those Haflingers in your banner? Or ponies? We have some of each LOL

  6. Hi Laurie,

    Yes it seems like this toy issue needs everyone’s attention. Maybe it will inspire more people to buy US made and local products over imports!

    Yes, those are registered Haflingers. Our Mare Sage is 5 years old and the baby is now 2 and his name is Joby Jingles. Ours are from the “N” line. Do you have pictures of yours? Aren’t Haflingers such wonderful horses (ponies)? Every time I go riding with a group of people before the end of the day everyone is asking to ride mine, her temperment, willingness and sturdyness is above all the others. She has converted many Quarter horse & Mustang owners to the joys of Haflingers.

    I have been reading your blog and enjoying it very much. When I get time I will read more there is such great reading there.


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