Soap Ideas and Playing Catch Up

I am playing catch up after the holiday. We took a few days off to rest and enjoy each others company and not much else was done. So now i have general house and barn chores to catch up on.

I have been looking for a supplier of the Java Chickens I want to bring to the farm in the spring. A couple of hatcheries look promising, and a woman who is sort-of local has offered me a few adult birds. She wants me to take them now, so I have been trying to figure how to care for them safely over the winter without a coop or pen for them It doesn’t look like I can get a coop built on such short notice. I’m still thinking on this one, I really would like to have those chickens.

I have been playing around with the soap supplies I have been ordering. No cold process as of yet, trying to find the lye locally and I still need a mold. I know most any thing will work but I would like the bars when cut to be just the right size.

lotion-barsI have a shampoo bar, and lotion bar I have been testing and a salt scrub bar. So far I like them but I will keep playing to see what else I come up with before I show them to you.

I have been crocheting my heart out and have several dish cloths made. I tried several of the patterns I mentioned earlier and have decided on a plain pattern I made up is better for me. Some of them had holes in them, althoug pretty the silverware got stuck, some where to big and hard to wring out for my hands. I’ll post these soon with pictures.

For the rest of today it’s back to laundry.

Have a great day.



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  1. Did you get your Java chickens or will you wait until spring? I’d never heard of them and had to look up the henderson’s chicken chart.

    I have a mixture of rare breeds and fine them a great joy as well as a practical addition to the food we produce.

  2. Hi Rhonda Jean,

    No I haven’t any chickens just yet. I have a great offer for some this winter but I can’t properly care for them just yet. I need a coop and sturdy run for them first.

    I am very excited about this addition in the spring. Thinking about it will make the winter long….

    I will continue to find out as much about them as I can in the mean time and make final plans on how I would like my coop. I have had great fun looking at all the coops on the web, there are some great ones out there!

    Happy Holidays

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