My Heros and Their Reflections on Me

My heroes aren’t of the Hollywood fame, but are my family and friends. I notice every day the good in them and how they reflect on my life. Some times its not always easy to see close up but when I step back and look they shine so bright in my life.

Well our Carriage Shed has been started. We originally made plans to build it way back this spring and the carpenter started on Tuesday and worked all day yesterday. Some would call him lazy, or useless, or not much of a worker. And I suppose by there standards he could be. After all he was supposed to start building this spring and again on Monday and never showed up.

To me he is an inspiration and good friend. Remember when I told you not to keep your schedules so tight or solid that the schedule stressed you out. I also said to keep time to do the things you enjoy. Well this story is a perfect example of both opinions on my friend Joe. It’s all a matter of perspective or reflection.

Yes, Monday was the day Joe was to start building our Carriage Shed, Joe picked this day not me. On the way over he saw an antique car on the side of the road. One thing led to another and when all was said and done Joe was standing in his driveway making plans to restore this newly found treasure and started building on Tuesday.

As for my schedule, well that wasn’t written in stone and to be honest with you never notice Joe wasn’t here until around dinner time. My plans on the Carriage Shed are as long as the cart is under cover before snow flies its on schedule. Simple enough for me yet stresses others out for being so vague. I love that he took the time to do something he enjoys. A great inspiration for me.

My favorite hero, My Husband took the day off to rest from work. He has been getting up at 2am a lot this summer and spent time doing things he enjoys. To start with he took the saw dust trailer down to the mill and filled it with saw dust for the barn. He got to spend time visiting with his friends down there. Let me tell you my Husband a truck driver for the past 58 years. The kind of man who knows EVERYONE and loves everyone, so as the trucks rolled in and out of the saw yard he visited with them all and caught up on some tall tails as the trucks were being loaded.

A few years back we took a trip to Floriday and the boys to Disney. I couldn’t believe nearly 3,000 miles from home, in Disney, amongst many thousands of people from all over the world, he saw and talked with several people he knew. Amazes me every time I think about it. He is the kind of guy that can remember everyone’s name, their family’s names and everything about them and recall it all in an instant.

I spent the day catching up on loose ends around here and making long over due phone calls. I also had time since the house was mostly empty to take down the summer curtains, wash them, and hang them out to dry and put away for the winter. I pulled out the winter drapes, ironed them and hung them. My little nest is becoming cozy for winter.

I changed the seasonal clothes around in my Granddaughter’s dresser and in our Gentleman’s dresser.

Today I guess while the house is empty I’ll take time and wash down the walls and floors. My Step-Mum is coming for a visit is a few weeks so I’ll be busy doing things with her and not cleaning the house. We have day trips planned, it will be interesting to see how that turns out. She isn’t much of a planner either, she has a more of a what ever the mood strikes kind of attitude. We get along great and I can’t wait until she gets here. This will be her first trip back in a few years and her first trip back without my Father. Being closer to my age than my Father’s age she is more of a sister, good friend and another hero.


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