Making Soap

One of my goals for this year and by the looks of things will be this fall or during the winter will be in making soap for my family.
I know people have been making the cold process for a very long time. I have read and understand the process. But something, who knows what, keeps holding me up.

So I decided to try re-batching. From soap shavings and adding my own additional ingredients.
Here is the recipe and how I did it.
Grate 6 bars of Ivory soap and place in a large microwave safe bowl. Microwave on medium heat until melted. I stopped the microwave every 30 seconds to stir it and see how it was doing. It “globbed up” at first then became like warm pudding that was easy to stir. I was afraid I might burn it so stopped there, it was workable.
Once melted I added ½ C liquid glycerin, ¼ C. Olive Oil and stirred very well and lastly stirred in 20 drops Lavender Essential Oil.
I lined a baking pan with plastic wrap and poured the soap in and leveled the top as best as I could. I covered and let sit for 1 week.

After 1 week I took the soap out of the pan and cut into bars. They smell very nice and work well in the shower. They seem to be a bit on the brittle side and break easily when I use them. Over all I think they are nice and add a great deal of moisturizer to the bars and were a good rainy afternoon project. This would be a great project for a group of children to introduce them to the concept of soap making.
One could also add dried herbs, but I have read they tend to mold in soap without some type of preservative added.
I don’t think all this additional work is worth the effort for many reasons. The most important being I was still stuck with what ever ingredients the Ivory Soap Company decided to put into their soap when they made it. My reason for making soap is I will be in control of what is or isn’t in it from the start.
If making soap to save money is your motive I don’t think it will. Check the prices of the ingredients needed to produce a good bar of soap then the sale flyer, do the math ounce for ounce of finished product. I haven’t done this and might be surprized.
Over all it was fun and a good learning experience. Now onto cold process soap for me.

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