Happy Fall

This is an Austin Rose called Golden Celebration and fitting for today.

It’s official today is the first day of fall. With this comes mixed thoughts for me.

I hate the idea of cold snowy weather from late October until late April. But I like the fact that my husband will be spending more time home, his daily summer job will be winding down and he will settle into his routine of his plowing route on the days it snows. Take some time to relax and catch up on things needing fixing around the house.

I don’t like the fact that the gardens will soon be under several feet of snow. But look forward to turning on the oven and spending some time baking and trying the new recipes I collected all summer.

Outdoor activities almost come to a halt around here. Born and raised in New Hampshire you would think I would have a liking to skiing or snowmobiling or ice fishing or something…nope… I hate being cold and spend my time indoors. On warmer days I do enjoy riding the horses and taking the time to clean them up a bit. But by warmer I mean 20f. Still cold for me. This gives me time to sew and embroider, read and spend time with friends and family over many good meals.

This is all yet to come but for right now my thoughts are on fall rituals, cleaning up and putting away. Changing things around by putting the summer clothes away and taking out the winter jackets and boots. Hanging the winter curtains and adding the throw rugs to the floor. Putting away the beach toys and pulling out the extra baking pans and blankets.

It’s time for Fall fun!- The hay rides and pancake breakfasts. Trips to the orchard to pick apples and a pumpkin. The Country Fairs….

This year is special for me, these will be a first time experience for my Granddaughter and I’m so excited and honored I get to take her for these first milestones in her life. I have many fond memories of these activities in my own childhood and doing these things with my sons. Now I get to do it again!

Happy Fall to you all enjoy and start a few new traditions this year. Enjoy this time with your family and your simple life.


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