Think Positive-It’s All Good!

Luck is where you find it, so they say… I think it’s true. I woke up this morning worried about how I was going to manage to drop off a baking order I finished last night with out being late for my meeting this morning. I thought about it on the way to the barn. I wasn’t thinking oh’ man I’m doomed, I was thinking if I take this route instead of that one I”ll make it.

I looked down to find this shinning up at me and knew a day starting with such a perfect gift would certainly be a good one.

These are constant reminders for me here on the farm, I find them all over. I never look for them they are just there. I know they are for good luck, but to me more of a reminder. They are a gift just as this day is, to pick it and enjoy. Mostly I like to press them and pass them on.

Not 15 minutes later my babysitter drove in the yard a full ½ hour early. Giving me the time to snap this quick picture and drop of my baking.

At my meeting I got stuck sitting next to this woman who is the biggest nay-sayer-negative attitude-depressing woman I have ever spoken to. What an energy drain she is! She never stops complaining how bad her life is….

To this type of attitude I see it coming and my mind thinks RUN! DON’T WALK! to the nearest exit…I can’t stand to be around attitudes like that. I try to find the positive in everything I do and say. I believe what ever you put out for energy you will get back and that there is good in everything.

Now to try and find the good in having to sit next to this one for 2 ½ hours…The answer came as I was leaving. She was complaining that the gentleman she took care of was gaining weight and short on clothes that fit. I offered to her several bags that my gentleman came with that are miles to big for him. Perfect I found a good home for the clothes and she has something to be thankful for.

As it turns out I even figured out a way to get them dropped off to her. I knew it was a good day.

My point, just when things look the worst don’t give up looking. Look down the 4-leaf clover is there. You may just have to look harder. I could have stopped listening to this woman long before she finally had something constructive to say, but gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Keep a positive attitude and the world will be bright in your simple life. I would like to give this 4-leaf clover to you to brighten your day. Find the good and pass it on…feel free to copy this picture if you want to.

September 18th…..

Thought I would add this one well 2 for you. Growing side by side on my way to hang laundry. One looks like it was a nice snack for a bug but most of the leaf is still there…

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