The Beginnings Of A Simple Life

My simple life started when I was a young child, evolving and changing as my needs change so does the way I do things. I’m always reprioritizing.

I sat down to write a list on how you can live the simple life you want. I realize there is no one way and what works for me may not work for you. In fact what I do today is different than even one year ago or what I may do next week. Life changes and you need to adapt to it.

I Don’t think of a simple life as an ending point to which some day you hope to arrive at, make your life the journey that never has a destination. Don’t write the path in stone.
  • Don’t collect “stuff” . Everything needs to have a purpose. Un-clutter your life from possessions you don’t need. Give them away to someone who will use them or list them in Freecycle or the newspaper.
  • Simplify everything you can. I have a knife drawer that used to aggravate me every time I tried to find my favorite peeling knife in it, everything was in the way and I would dig and dig to find it. For 1 week I kept out every knife I used. At the end of the week I moved everything else to a paper bag and set it aside. After 1 month I found I never touched anything else in the bag and gave the entire bag to a friend to use and pass on. Now this drawer has 6 knives in it and they each have a spot and I can easily find them. Now I wonder why I had collected and kept close to 15 knives when I only actually used 6 of them. Do the same with your closets, medicine cabinets, clutter in your car, the entire house. If it’s something you only use once in a while consider borrowing it from a friend or family member.
  • Don’t volunteer for every needy charity/community project. Pick and choose only the ones you have time to commit to and do well.
  • Make your home a reflection of you and love everything in it. Make it warm and inviting to you, your family and friends and they will share many happy times there with you. Around my house everyone knows where everything is and any one is welcome to help themselves to what ever they need. I don’t need to be home, they know where the key is. What a nice surprise to come home from errands and find a friend stopped in and saw the ingredients for dinner on the counter and decided to start it for me. Take care of it every day, keep it picked up and clean.
  • Take extra stress out of your life by not stuffing your day full that you don’t have time to enjoy doing what you like to do. Make plans, know what you need to do by when. Keep your schedule flexible and don’t worry when something doesn’t get done, there is tomorrow to set a new schedule. Keep track of short and long term tasks, goals in a 3 ring binder.
  • Decide what your goal is and take small steps to get there. Not every small step will be successful on the first try, but keep at it until it is then take the next step. Write it all down and look at it often.

  • Get a solid feel for what your financial situation is and what you can do and need to do so your finances are the way you want them to be. If you want to pay your house of in 15 years instead of 30 find a way to do that. It may be as simple as making an extra payment or two each year from the money you saved from bringing your own lunch to work and your coffee with you in the morning. Reduce your spending and increase your savings.
  • Keep company with the kind of people you want to be. Copy how they think and do things. Ask lots of questions. My friends are as generous, down to earth, and honest as I am and are always looking to help someone in some way.
  • Don’t listen to those who doubt you and your dreams. Always be positive and see the positive in everything.
  • Everything must be balanced, family, work, friends, community and religion. When one is taking more time than the others are you will feel it and suffer because of it.
  • Don’t be afraid to say NO! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Always remember to give thanks. Always be kind.
  • Stay out of the stores and stock up your pantry with things you use. I have written about this HERE.
  • Learn new skills, knitting, sewing, embroidery, soap making, cooking from scratch.
  • At the end of each day remember the people and things you are thankful for in your simple life.

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  1. What a helpful list! I need to be following some of these ideas a little better. I strive to live a more simple life myself but with 3 kids ages 14, 9, and almost 2 things can sometimes get a little crazy. I loved your example of the knife drawer. I think we need to try that idea out in my house. Little house + 5 people = lots of “stuff” and one frazzled mom!

    I’m loving your blog! 🙂

  2. living the simple life


    Oh, I hear where you are coming from, our house is full too. I like to think of it as full of love and opinions…on some days. My boys are 26, 19 and my granddaughter 2 1/2. Boy don’t they have energy!

    I’m glad you stopped in and something in my ramblings might be helpful to you. Do you have any tips that help you?

    Have a slow easy day…


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