Meet our Haflingers

My dear husband is an amazing man, he is always surprising me with his thoughtfulness. A few years back I told him about the little paint pony I had as a child and wished some day I could have another. Well to my surprise one day 5 years ago he gave me this beautiful registered Haflinger mare. She was 5 months old when she came to live with us and her name is Sage.

She gives me great pleasure every day and I always look forward to spending time with her. No matter what the weather is I enjoy cleaning the barn and caring for her. She is a bit on the spoiled side but I think she deserves it. She is always a well behaved, willing partner with a great personality. She has been trained to ride and drive and the past year or so we have been working on some of the farm competition obstacle courses. I hope to be able to trailer her so we can attend a few of the local competitions by next summer. She trailers very well, we just don’t have one just yet.
She is also great for boosting ones confidence. No matter how badly I mess things up trying to ride or drive her she is forgiving and willing to move on.

For four years she was an only horse and some times lonely in her field. Last year my husband again surprised me for Christmas with this handsome little boy. He is a sweet boy and nothing seems to bother him. His name is Joby Jingles.
Now you will notice that neither of them have any white markings on their faces. While this not Un-heard of I only know of one other Haflinger without white on it’s face. These two in a few years are going to make a striking team when hitched together. They are best of friends.
If you have stress in your life, spend some time around a horse they are the best stress releiver I know of.


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