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Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm safely tucked inside a muslin bag. What is this going to be?

a sneak peek at what is on the work bench these last couple of days

a sneak peek at what is on the work bench thes last couple of days

Spring Cleaning…Already?


I guess it doesn’t take much to realize I have been missing for quite some time now. All is well but I have been very busy trying to keep up with the farm and our orders. A lot of my time has been spent trying to keep up with the web site and that has been very hard and not working for me.


I am excited to say we have a design firm we are starting to work with and I have HUGE hopes that in a few short months the broken web store will again be working for both of us.

I know how frustrating it has been to try to place orders and not have the site working and then have to contact me and place your order outside the site. Very time consuming I know.

Things are changing very soon and just in time for the spring cleaning both here on the farm, in our Etsy store and our shop.  Keep your eyes open because with the spring comes the clean part of it all and sale time too.

In the meantime please stop over to see us at Etsy for your orders. I am there daily to help.


A new post over at the soap blog. Muslin bags who knew I could be so happy with cotton bags?

Originally posted on Lizzy Lane Farm Botanicals:

a usefull gift long after the soap is gone


And already out to door to a few of this weeks’ customers. Packaging for our Farm House soap has bothered me since the beginning and has gone through a few changes. I think I am happy with this for the moment.



Farm house soap ready for gift giving. eco friendly packaging

Each bar of our natural soap is tucked inside a 100% natural cotton bag with a drawstring. Why?…well these bags are so useful and I think while soap itself is very good for your skin, smells nice and all that great stuff. I believe in reusing packaging, good packaging in this day and age is hard to come by. Most is peeled off and tossed in the dump!


I wanted a gift is useful, a gift whether for yourself or for someone else should last a bit longer than a bar of soap. These bags can hold…

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