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A Weekend of Canning

outside temp. at 10am I should have started earlier in the morning.

I had put this project off for over a week now, it’s been so hot I couldn’t bring myself to start the stove. But if I didn’t do it over the weekend it would have to wait until next weekend and by then the green beans will be ready and I would be so far behind…



This spring I planted a 4 x 6 foot area of Bulls Blood beets. 17.25 pounds I pulled and canned. I never took the proper time to thin them right so some were huge and others very small. I’ll get the area cleaned out and reseed with more beets for a fall harvest.

I like Bulls Blood pretty well for canning because they seem to hold their color a bit better than some of the others I have tried. Detroit is my choice if I’m going to pickle them, that’s what the next batch will be for.

I ended up with 14 pints of beets.




Next up was a project I have been wanting to try for a couple of years now but the radishes never cooperated. Late in June I planed French Breakfast Radish under the tomato and pepper plants with the hope there would be plenty to make relish with, I think I succeeded with that goal. I have another pile of these radishes just as big. These and Belle are my favorite for flavor and looks.  My goal was to make radish relish. I pulled all of them and set out to make the relish.






The recipe I have calls for onions and no one here at the house likes onions so I replaced them with carrots. Daisy and I have tried a new to us variety called Dragon.  Dragon is a pretty carrot, being purple on the outside and orange inside. It should make a pretty salad or relishes. I only pulled enough to make what I thought would be 2 cups of shredded. So there are more to can and eat fresh.







They are very pretty and grew well in the new raised bed we set up last year just for carrots. It is extra deep so the carrots would grow long and straight. This week it is also time to put in another batch of yellow wax beans, peas, broccoli. Of course more radishes, I would like to make another couple of baches for the holiday season. I have several of the Ball Elite jars saved for this gift giving project. With this heat I’ll have to put up the row covers and use some burlap to cover the seeds. This will help in keeping the soil cooler and moist so the seeds don’t dry out.

I don’t have a summer sink set up yet, I’m still looking for an old cast iron one that I can use. Until then I use the hose and the table just outside the garden. This saves on the amount of dirt coming into the kitchen and going down our drains.



So what did you do this weekend? How is your garden growing?







Happy Monday

It’s a wonderful hot and sunny summer day around here. It’s in the mid 90′s, with wispy clouds and blue skies!

I have spent a good amount of time today talking to people for work, a few friends and customers have called or emailed and I think the theme for the day is IT’S HOT!…

I say to this well, it’s SUMMER it’s supposed to be hot~ :) Don’t crab about it because before I know it in 3 short months the wind and snow will be blowing again.

I had a “now why didn’t I think about that sooner” moment a few days back…

starting lettuce in hanging basket

A few weeks ago I was planting lettuce (that didn’t come up) and had a handful of seeds left and tossed them in these empty hanging baskets. When they were large enough I transplanted them to the main garden. It worked like a charm. I have never had much luck sowing lettuce directly into the garden they came up spotty at best, with lots of wasted space.

The extras I fed to the chickens for a treat. I reseeded them with lettuce seeds again.

fresh strawberries

Daisy and I went to the strawberry farm and picked the late strawberries. We had fresh strawberry shortcakes with whipped cream and the rest I made Jam with.



We picked blueberries too. These all went into the freezer.   It was hot and very muggy so we gave up after we picked about 4 pounds. Blueberry season is just starting so we have time to go back again.


Hope your day went well!


Peas by the 4th of July

early peas growing in the garden

A favorite saying around here I hear from the old farmers, I didn’t think we would make it this year. Well actually we didn’t make it we had our fist taste of peas on the 6th…

This is a new variety called Early Burpeena. I planted some 2 weeks early and some right on time when the leaves were the size of mouse ears. I don’t see that they are any earlier than the other varieties I tried this year, but are they tasty.


Daisy's Radish

This is a small raised bed built just for Daisy, in it she planted radish, lettuce and spinach. She has kept the weeds out and watered it every day. At 6 years old she sure is a good gardener isn’t she. She tells me she doesn’t like radishes but grew some to feed her rooster, Fire Cracker.

What a sweet girl, let’s hope Puppa doesn’t spy that radish! He will be the one eating it not the rooster.

How is your garden growing?

Happy 4th!

our 2012 edition 4th of July soap scented with farm fresh NH blueberries

our 2012 limited edition of NH Blueberry soap ready to celebrate the 4th!

We are taking a few days off today and until Thursday to celebrate, rest up and visit with friends and family. A mini vacation at home :)

I finished a batch of these up just in time…The are a limited edition so when they are gone they are gone….

Our Fireworks Guest Soap scented with mouth watering, farm fresh blueberry.

Here is what the listing has to say about it…

I love to celebrate our Nation’s Independence and this is our July 4th fireworks bar soap. What says America any better than stars, stripes, the red white and blue and fresh summer blueberries?
Our fireworks bar soap has all that, each star has embedded into it red and blue stripes and is packed full of the scent of fresh New Hampshire blueberries, warm and ripe in the field just picked from the bush and nestled in your basket….

iced lemonade scented a huge bar of our farm fresh natural soap

 I’m also enjoying this mouth puckering bar of soap called Iced Lemonade. These are our Farm House bars that weigh in at 6 ounces, a huge bar that rolls in your hand nicely the first time.

And I will spend some time enjoying the garden that is slow to start this year. I have been so busy I just got everything into the ground and what has been planted is just starting to take off. We have been enjoying our fresh lettuce, radish, beet tops and eary peas…

Have a wonderful holiday.



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