flourHere is a list of what I am adding to the pantry. I have decided not to include items already in the pantry or items I add from the grocery store. I shop the sales all the time and am constantly adding that stuff. I want a list of stores that came from other sources.




Wild Harvested

8 - 4oz. jar Wild Violet jelly

2 -jars Apple & Rose hip jelly

6- pints Rose hip jelly

2 pint jars Raspberry jam

2 - 5 gallon bucket dried clover (for the chickens over the winter)

3 - 5 gallon bucket dried red clover blossoms (for tea and chickens)

2 - 3 gallon bucket dried monarda leaves (for tea and chickens)

1- 5 gallon bucket dried Yarrow

1- 5 gallon bucket dried Oxeye Daisy

From the Garden

dried sage

dried monarda

dried chives

dried mint

dried catnip

dried rosemary

dried thyme


16 pints strawberry jelly

16 pints mango and blackberry jelly (blackberries from freezer picked last fall)

6 1/2 pints mango Jam

12 pints baked beans with ham

12 pints corn beef hash

6 pints ham broth

8 quarts beef broth

  1. Just found your blog today & I love it!!
    I wanted to know how you dried clover for your chickens & where did you find it? That is such a great idea! Also, do you give it to them everyday during the winter?

  2. Hi Debbie,

    I pick them stems, leaves and blossoms mid morning once they have had a chance to dry out. I have several old window screens set up on saw horses and simply lay them out in a single layer, mid afternoon I will turn them and by dark they usually are dry on a sunny day. I put them in 5 gal plastic buckets with a lid. Yes, I had plans on doing that had the neighbors dog not killed all of them here, so my greens went down the road and the chickens there are enjoying them daily.


  3. I would love to have your rosehip jelly recipe, I can’t seem to find one that doesn’t require taking all of the seeds out, which is TEDIOUS! Thanks!!

  4. I’ve three hens that are a year old. I also have 10 chicks that are a couple of months old. We’re out of chicken food and feeding them whatever and letting them free range. I’d not thought about trying to dry anything for them.


  5. Elizabeth Gray

    I love you site, please subscribe me.

  6. I had someone mention violet jelly and l found you website — I am thrilled! I will be definitely frequenting you site especially since I have so many things that have been springing up on my land that I can now turn around and use to my advantage!

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